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Q: How do I send new project information?
A: 1. Use the FDL web site “Login” tab, type in your Email Address and password.
2. Your “My Account” page will open and be displayed.
3. Click onto the “New Project Outline” menu to open a blank project outline form.
4. Tell us about your new project by completing in the areas on the form that best describe your project.
5. Click Send.
Q: Can I list more then one project on the “Project Outline” form?
A: If your furniture project is an exact pair, like a pair of bedside table then yes you can, but if the furniture design is unique for each item, please complete and summit a new “Project Outline” form for each item.
Q: Can I order a furniture design rendering, shop drawing and full scale template using one “project outline” form?
A: Yes, just select each area on the “Project Outline” form.
Q: What if the wood or finish sample I would like to use is not listed on the project outline form?
A: We have listed the most requested samples on the project outline form, However we can make your furniture design rendering using any wood sample or finish you request. Please specify what sample to use or you can upload the sample file using the upload area on the project outline form.
Q: I would like to use the project fabric on my sofa rendering, is this possible?
A: Yes most of the upholstered pieces we render are done this way. Just scan or photograph the fabric and upload the file using the upload area on the Project Outline form. You can also send us photos of any special trim you would like to use. If a fabric is not included on the project outline form, we will use white muslin for the fabric.
Q: Do I need to complete all of the fields on the Project Outline form?
A: The fields that are required are marked with an asterisk (*), all the other fields are for your project description. Feel free to use as many as you need to describe your project.
Q: Can my furniture maker use Furniture Design Link’s shop drawings to build the piece?
A: Yes, our staff has over 25 years experience working with cabinet makers, we are familiar with all of the necessary information that they need to build the piece. We include the necessary information in every one of our shop drawings. Since our shop drawings are used by professionals we leave some of the cabinetmaking details to them. An example of this would be the gap (space) between the doors and drawers, some cabinet- makers like to use a 1/16” gap while other like to use an 1/8” gap. This structural detail does not affect the furniture design. The aim of our shop drawing is to capture the furniture design intent. To provide shop drawings that when followed will produce a finished piece that will look like our furniture design rendering.