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Q: What types of structural hardware do you use in your shop drawings?
A: Our draftsmen spec hardware from quality suppliers, that are well known and most used by professional cabinetmakers. There are many different types of hardware available today, our selection criteria of hardware has three functions:
a. The hardware design is appropriate to the design intent of the furniture
b. It is the best quality available.
c. That it will enhance the customers experiece
Q: I have already submitted a Project Outline form for my project and my client has decided to change the wood, how do I let you know about this revision?
A: You just need to “Login” to your account on our website, click on the “Contact Us” menu, fill in the “Contact Us” form describing your revision and click send. Our project managers will handle the revision for you.

Q: Why is A4 paper your standard size for printing?
A: A4 is our standard size because it is the most common size that is used in office printers. This size can be easierly printed, scanned or faxed.
Q: Can larger paper files sizes be ordered for my project?
A: Yes we can save and send your project in any scale you request
Q: How do I print large full scale furniture template files?
A: To print full scale template files you need to have a large printer that can plot large paper sizes. If you do not have one you can email the furniture template file to any large scale printer, e.g., Staples or Kinkos. If you request, FDL can email your printing company a copy of your files.